Get started early to avoid costly treatments later

Orthodontic health, like laundry, can be more manageable if you get ahead of it.

You wouldn’t skip a well-child checkup at the doctor’s office, and you shouldn’t skip an early visit to the orthodontist. By the age of seven, your child’s dental health should be under control, thanks to a visit to the orthodontist. It may also help you avoid more expensive or intrusive procedures in the future.

How does that work?

Your child might be an excellent candidate for palatal expansion, a procedure that widens the upper jaw and helps to relieve crowding in excessively small arches. When a patient is still growing, a palatal expander is ideal. When the growth plate or suture in the centre of the palate is stretched, the two portions of the palate are pushed apart, causing expansion. New bone is added as the two parts are spread apart.

Palatal enlargement may lessen the need for extractions or avoid impacted teeth in younger individuals. Cases that are not treated in growing patients may require surgery in adulthood, and if not repaired at all, may result in abnormal wear or bite difficulties.

Early Treatment

A brief period in braces can sometimes address abnormalities early on, preventing greater difficulties later. Correcting an anterior crossbite is an example of interceptive treatment.

Tooth Removal

Even without an orthodontic equipment, removing baby or impacted teeth can sometimes help permanent teeth erupt better and come in closer to their proper place. To take advantage of your child’s growth and development, your orthodontist will recommend the optimal timing for extractions. Getting them to the orthodontist as soon as possible allows you to provide them the best treatment possible.