Why an orthodontist is right for you

You wouldn’t bring your dog to the salon when he or she is overdue for a grooming. You go to a groomer to keep your poodle’s locks in good shape – the definitely-right person to keep your pup’s coat in good shape, not the almost-right person.

Orthodontic treatment is no exception. Orthodontists are experts in aligning teeth and jaws and have the dental skills to give you your best smile, making them the ideal candidate for orthodontic treatment. Simply put, when it comes to orthodontics, it’s best to see an orthodontist. This is why:

  • Orthodontists are specialists

Orthodontists are dental specialists who specialize on your bite and tooth alignment. Their mission is to ensure that not only does your smile look fantastic, but that your bite also feels nice and operates properly.

  • It takes over 3,700 hours of training to become an orthodontist

You may be curious about the difference between an orthodontist vs. a dentist. Orthodontists are the only dental experts who, in addition to dentistry school, undergo additional study and training focused solely on the movement of teeth, jawbones, facial bones, and soft tissue–3,700 hours to be exact. Dentofacial orthopedists are specialists who specialize in growth and development.

  • They can provide a truly custom treatment plan

Straightening teeth and correcting the bite are both lengthy biological processes that cannot be accomplished overnight. Your orthodontist is prepared to give a really bespoke treatment plan that is ideal for you because of his or her knowledge in those nuances (such as changes in jaw bones, facial bone, and soft tissue as teeth are repositioned). When it comes to your health, you don’t want to overlook anything important.