This is the beginning of a fun journey and we are excited to be on the journey with you. But as exciting as it is to jump in the car and head towards a fun destination with you, sometimes we hear a little nudging on “when will we get there?” or “How much longer?”

As orthodontists we can make a pretty good “guesstimate” at the beginning, but we can’t predict exactly how long treatment will take because there are a lot of variables along the way that are unique to you. However, there are a few things that are within YOUR CONTROL. If you are good at these things your treatment will go much faster!

Broken Button/Attachment – try to avoid broken button/attachment at all costs. That will keep you progress going always in the right direction. If a button/attachment brakes in the beginning it might be a glue failure, but after that the glue is strong and should be strong for a long time. Pay attention to the foods you eat so your treatment stays on track!
Brushing & Flossing – You must keep your trays and teeth EXTRA CLEAN by having excellent and consistent brushing habits. If we have to focus on brushing then we may not be able to move forward in other ways, thus slowing down your treatment.

Rubberbands and Instructions – Sometimes we ask you to do stuff like wear rubberbands with your trays. Whatever we prescribe be sure to take careful note and do your level best. Wearing rubberbands really well can be one of the best ways to speed up your treatment and finish early!

On-Time appointments – Your appointment cycle can vary and can be somewhat flexible, but once we set an appointment time it’s really important to try and keep it so that you are under regular supervision from our office. Also, if you miss an appointment or are late to your appointment it could put your treatment behind schedule. Do your best to always arrive at the previous committed appointment time.

Accelerated orthodontnics – Would you like to go faster than we initially estimated? If so, there are some options these days that could advance your orthodontic treatment in a safe and comfortable way. Just ask us about appliances like the VPro from Propel.
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