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Dr. W grew up in southern Idaho the youngest of 5 kids. As the grandson of a dairy farmer he spent much of his time raising cattle on his uncle’s land and tending to the apple orchard, garden, and yard with his dad.

While he played as many sports as he could, his passion was football. He was affectionately dubbed “Beast” by his coaches and unaffectionately dubbed “snowplow” by opposing players.

His parents appropriately discouraged such “barbaric” activities and encouraged Dr. W to learn the finer arts and academics – so he focused on school, art, and learned to play the guitar, violin and piano (thanks mom). As a result he developed a rather unique reputation as the hard-hitting, yet considerate, artist.

After high school class he attended BYU-Idaho where he earned a degree in Biology and Chemistry. He continued to round out his skill-set with diverse classes and activities before meeting his wife, a graduating nurse, who supported him on his way to dental school.

Dr. Williams earned his dental degree from the University of Iowa where he learned the true meaning of Midwest hospitality and has since wanted to pay that forward to everyone he meets. After a wonderful dental education he moved his family to Colorado to specialize in Orthodontics and earn a Master’s Degree in science and a professional certificate in Orthodontics.

Since that time Dr. W has lived in Idaho, Oklahoma, and Tri-Cities, WA where he had been practicing orthodontics. He and his wife have 4 wonderful daughters (c’est la vie to his football heritage). In spring of 2017 they had a boy – Weston – to whom he hopes to endow his love for football. Dr. W enjoys playing tea and story time with his daughters, watching movies and sports with his kids (if they let him watch sports), fantasy football, life-long learning, giving back to the community, and he and his family are very excited to be Spokanites for life.



What I Like Best About Working At HI 5 Orthodontics: I love that every day is a new adventure here. There is always a new hurdle to be overcome and new ways to grow. And the adventure here wouldn’t be that much fun without all the awesome people that I get to work with. They are some of the most encouraging and optimistic people I have ever met and their great attitudes (and smiles!) are infectious! =D


What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I get to be surrounded by smiles all day long and it really does not get any better than that! I love that I belong to a team that makes “happy” the goal of every day, and that is contagious.


What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love being able to meet our new patients, capture photos through their journey and getting to see their smiling faces at the end.


What I like best about working at Hi 5: Hands down the best thing (so far!) is working with this amazing team! There is not one day that goes by that I don’t learn something new from any one of our team members, and everyone is incredibly generous with their sharing of experience and knowledge! It is an amazing thing to come to work every day and experience so much camaraderie. I feel very lucky to be a part of this team!


What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: The thing I love most about working at Hi 5 is the way everyone interacts with each other. Everyone is supportive of each other and always happy to help you. We are there for our patients 100%, and for each other as well.


What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Everyone is always so happy and wanting to be the best person they can be. There’s never a dull moment around the office, (we even scare doctor some times). We try to be the most uplifting and best part of your day and I love it.


What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love the fun atmosphere! And I love being able to work with people that truly love their job and the best patients in the world make it a great place to be!


What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Ever since I started working at Hi 5, I was welcomed like family. Seeing the progression in not just the patients teeth, but the patients themselves, makes this job so rewarding! People come in saying they hate to smile, and by the end of their treatment they can’t STOP smiling!! I love working for Hi 5 and the amazing, uplifting, and fun environment I get to be a part of!


What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I LOVE my Hi 5 family! It is a wonderful feeling to come to work with people you love and enjoy! I mostly work outside the office and seeing our patients at events is such a blast! I love being able to interact with everyone. Being in a place where we make smiles more confident is the best place to be!


What I like best about working for Hi 5 Orthodontics: I get to be part of the changes that happen from the exam to when the braces come off. There is this wonderful transformation and the change in self-esteem is exciting. It is the best field to be in and I love the people I work with.

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