Don't Fret! Ask how to get FREE retainers for LIFE!

One set upper and lower clear retainers are included with every orthodontic treatment. If you lose your clear retainers, they are $185 each or $370 for both upper and lower. Replacement retainers are not something that is covered under your insurance plan.

Purchase Your Retainers 4 Life Insurance Policy Now: R4L insurance policy is $775. You will receive up to 2 FREE sets of clear replacement retainers per year, if needed. 3 or more per year are a $50 co-pay each, or $100 for both

You can opt-in to the R4L program at any time! We can add the fee to your account contract, you can pay in full or you can pay only $97 down and $113 month for 6 months.

Each new set requires an office visit with new upper and lower impressions. When purchasing replacement retainers for $370, we will give you 30 days to choose an upgrade to the R4L.insurance policy program.

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