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18 years or older? No time for an exam – Or Live hours away?

Save a trip to our office for your initial consultation. Let us provide you with a treatment plan and payment options without leaving your house! Treatment plans are preliminary and may change once a final exam and x-rays are performed. Submit photos of your teeth and tell us what you’d like to change. Dr. Williams will review your photos, take measurements of your teeth and provide treatment plan options within 24 hours, (turn around time may be longer over weekends or holidays). You have all the tools you need at home! You’ll need two large tablespoons, a well-lit area, and a cell phone with a camera.

Virtual Exam Form

Easy-Peasy! One of our Awesome Treatment Coordinators will be in touch with you after Dr. Williams has reviewed your case to go over your treatment plan options and fees. We are excited to get you started!

For example photos, see below this form

Example Photos

Front Bite

Try to grin and bare all your teeth for the best front profile

Hi5Ortho front-bite

Right Bite

Bite down on your molars and pull your cheek as far as you can.

Hi5Ortho right-bite

Left Bite

Same as the right, but on the other side, having a friend helps a lot.


Top Bite

Tilt your head up and open your mouth wide, get as much as you can.

Hi5Ortho top-bite

Bottom Bite

Tilt your chin down and pull your cheeks, get as much as you can

Hi5Ortho bottom-bite