– We add little bumps to your teeth to add pressure points and to help your trays clip onto your teeth easie – Sometimes we also add little buttons to your teeth so that you are able to wear rubber bands with your aligners! – You can still WHITEN your teeth with your invisalign trays! – We do sell whitening in our office, please let us know if you’re interested or if you have any questions!
Expect your your trays to feel tight and your teeth will initially get sore, with that being said eat all the soft foods and ice cream your heart desires! If it comes down to it, you may also take Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Aleve or whatever medication you use for a headache. Expect your lips and tongue might rub on your aligners for about the first week until you get used to them – if needed, you can use a finger file to smooth down the edges! Expect you might notice some spaces start to open as your trays move your teeth, that is normal, and we promise we will fix it! Expect your teeth may become somewhat wiggly, that is also normal throughout the process of moving teeth Expect speaking might be difficult at first, give it a couple days to adjust to talking with your trays in! It sounds funny, but talk to yourself in front of the mirror.
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