You’re probably thinking that you couldn’t possibly be a good candidate for orthodontics because _(blank)_. No matter what goes in that blank, it’s probably not true. Most people are great candidates for a better smile through orthodontia.


Phase 1 of childhood orthodontia happens between ages six and ten, and is all about preventing problems before they happen. Nip those problems in the bud and get started down a path to a happy, healthy smile!


We get it. Dental work is not always your priority when there are malls to shop, movies to see, and dates to go on. But we promise it’s worth it. Hi 5 Orthodontics makes it our business to get you in tip top shape for some of the most important years of your life.


Hi 5 isn’t just for kids, and neither is orthodontic work. Adults have a whole different set of needs, when it comes to straightening teeth, and we’re prepared for all of them. It’s never too late to work toward that smile you’ve always wanted!


Orthodontics is so AWESOME. We get to do some seriously fun and cool stuff. We can fix some of the craziest tooth puzzles there are. Using our combined experience (and LOTS of education) combined with the latest in orthodontic technology, we’re fully prepared to straighten up the most stubborn of smiles — and MORE!!!


Did Ya Know?

Tried and True

Orthodontics has been around for millennia! Archaeologists in Egypt have actually found mummies with teeth wrapped up in metal bands, catgut, and even gold wires in an attempt to keep them straight.

2,000 years later, we’ve improved the process a bit. We use the latest digital technology and CAD software to fine-tune your treatment into exactly what you need with as little pain and hassle as possible.

Modern Methods

You have more options than ever to get the treatment you need. There isn’t just one way to straighten teeth because there isn’t just one kind of person in the world. However, many people do great with the tried and true traditional braces method. They work through a small bracket on each tooth, connected with wire. We gradually adjust these wires to slowly pull the teeth nearer and nearer to their final destination (not in a scary movie way). It’s that simple!

Get With It


And you can add some Style to your Smile. You are uniquely you and sometimes the most exciting thing about braces is that you can match your colors to your personality. Check out some of these fun colors our patients love:



While braces are perfect for some, we know they aren’t for everyone, for a number of reasons. For those of you who fit this category, you’re going to LOVE Invisalign®.

The Clear Solution

For the Rebels

Everyone deserves a great smile. For those who want straighter teeth but don’t want braces, we have Invisalign® options available! Most people qualify and Dr. Williams is one of the Premiere providers of Invisalign® in Eastern Washington. He’s tackled cases of all types with great success. All it takes on your part is the Will and Want to make your teeth straight and we’ll take it from there!

The process follows the same bio-mechanics as traditional braces, but uses the pressure from the clear aligners around your teeth instead of brackets and wires.

The Process

We begin by scanning your teeth with our super accurate Digital Scanners. After that, Dr. Williams works in the virtual world to determine what movements need to take place. He’s building your future smile!

When this is complete, Invisalign® prints your trays through a pretty neat process. Their technology gives you a plastic mold that is clear, comfortable, strong, and perfect for your needs. These trays will be rotated out every week or so to help keep them clean and keep the process moving forward, with slight adjustments each round. Then you’re on your way to a new smile!

What to Expect


Halt! Don't Move!

One step forward, ZERO steps back

Once we’ve got you smiling bright, you will receive retainers to stabilize the dental correction. Things are still stabilizing for several months after the initial correction, which makes it imperative to wear retainers as instructed. Although we love seeing you for appointments, we also want your smile to stick!

Retainers are an important part of the orthodontic process, and may be worn indefinitely. We’re here to provide all the necessities to keep you smiling straight!


What is it?

A Quick Explanation

If you’ve heard this term before, you might associate it with loud snoring, or difficulty breathing while asleep. Or you might associate it with BEARS, CHAINSAWS, OR LAWNMOWERS! Many people who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea snore chronically and LOUDLY!

Unfortunately, the snoring is just a symptom of more serious problems, and you may not be getting the airflow you need while you sleep. You could be missing out on all the deep sleep your body needs to function effectively!

How it Relates to Orthodontics

Well, proper alignment is OUR ENTIRE BUSINESS! The ideal jaw sizing and alignment is everything, when it comes to airway flow and apnea.

For adult patients, we have the necessary equipment and experience to give you the precise jaw alignment needed for proper airflow. In a growing child, we can guide jaw growth and direction, eliminating the need for sleep appliances or future jaw surgeries.

We work with sleep doctors, ENT’s, pediatric dentists, sleep dentists, surgeons, myofunctional therapists, speech therapists, and many other specialists to help you when orthodontics isn’t the only treatment you need.

So What?


What is it?

A Quick Explanation

“Myofunctional” refers to muscle function around the face and mouth. It covers everything from the way your tongue sits to the alignment of your teeth when they close.

Why do we care? Well, alignment is the name of the game at Hi 5. Everything interacts with every other thing in fascinating—but often complicated—patterns. One issue has rippling effects all the way down the line. We focus on more than teeth because they’re part of a much bigger puzzle. Sometimes we need to take a look at your entire facial structure just to understand why things do what they do.

What the Heck?

Tongue ties are a phenomenon that we are just starting to understand and diagnose.

Ever wonder about that tissue under your tongue that connects it to the bottom of your mouth? That’s called the frenum. A tongue tie happens when the frenum is too thick or too short. It stops you from being able to move your tongue around as much as you should.

This might not seem like that big a deal, but the tongue affects quite a lot, including the way you swallow and where your teeth feel the most pressure. Fixing a tongue tie can have lasting benefits WAY down the line.

Tongue Ties

Tongue Thrust

Knock It Off!

Tongue thrust is what we call the pressure that your tongue puts on your teeth. If your tongue rests at an odd angle or pushes against your teeth when you swallow or speak, it can gradually cause a lot of misalignment troubles for you.

If we fix the teeth but not the tongue, we won’t have really solved the problem, and that’s not at all what Hi 5 is about. When you come to us, we guarantee quality and thoroughness in everything we do.


No matter what your orthodontic needs, Hi 5 Orthodontics is here to help. We want to share your journey and help you understand all the ins and outs along the way. Braces should be an exciting time in your life, and we’re here to make sure that’s the case. Let’s go!

Hi 5s always follow the exceptional, the amazing, the extraordinary – and we work hard to demonstrate this same level of greatness in our office.
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